01 April 2009

WFMW - Backwards Edition

I've always wanted to participate in this and now that I am posting more regularly I thought I might as well give it a try. I really wanted to post today because it's the Backwards Edition. You know...I don't have to post a tip but I get to ask a question. And believe me, I have plenty of questions. For now, here is the most pressing one...

"How in the world do you have time to exercise with two children at home full-time? How do you fit it in? Do you get up before the chickens and exercise in your sleep? Do you exercise before going to bed? What gets you up out of the bed and into 'exercise' mode? What gets you off the computer/couch/bed and gets you going?"

I should just get my lazy self to exercise after the hubby goes to work, between 6:30 and 7:00. But, I don't. The kids don't really get up until 7:30 or 8ish, so technically I have plenty of time. But I don't do it. I check my email and read blogs and write blog posts, like this one.

So, if you are a disciplined exerciser, what tips do you have for me?? The sad thing is that I used to be one of those freaks that would get up at 5:00am and DRIVE to a gym so that I could exercise for 45 minutes EVERY morning. Where is that girl?? Let me know if you have seen her. We need to talk.

PS Forgot to ask this question: How do you get the WFMW logo on your blog post? Obviously I'm very new here. Thanks for stopping by.

PPS Totally forgot to post the link. Sorry! Visit WFMW and see what others are needing help with today.


  1. I only have one child, so I'm sure this is easier for me to fit in, but I try to exercise with her. She's two, so she loves to dance and move. I pop in a dvd and go at it. She does scream for an Elmo video and I usually have to stop every few minutes to discipline, take her to the potty, etc, but I just start again. It can easily take an hour to do a 40 minute video--lol. I also try to walk with her in the stroller or chase her around the back yard. If I'm not exhausted and she actually naps that day, I'll use that time for exercise.

    Mornings have never worked for me, but it might for you. Maybe you could have a "treat" for yourself if you workout a certain number of times a week.
    I know what you mean about "gym girl" being gone! I was an exercise physiologist before dd was born. I *lived* to work out. I'm not exactly that motivated anymore!

  2. Hey! My hubby and I ordered the Ten Minute Trainer (not cheap, but cheaper than a gym membership) and we do a 10 minute video together every night (sometimes 20 minutes if we have time and are feeling motivated!) Ha! It's not much, I know (I used to be a gym rat too), but it's something and it's working.

    Also, check out www.hundredpushups.com and www.twohundredsitups.com. I am going to start doing these too I think.

    My sister is a trainer and she says that "burst training' has showed great results and that if you do 3 minutes of burst exercising, in one minute spurts, each day, that even that will make difference!

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement girls! I checked out the push-ups and sit-ups websites. They look very doable and I think I'm going to give them a try. I'd like to see if I can figure out a way to post my progress on the sidebar of the blog. If anyone knows more about blogging than me (which isn't much!) please advise!

  4. I don't have kids so take this with a grain of salt.

    It sounds like you have some time in the morning and just need the motivation to use it for exercising. I am the same way and found a couple things that motivated me. First was new exercise "toys". When I first started an exercise routine I would buy something new every once in a while to keep my interest (nice workout clothes, exercise ball, new exercise video, and finally plunged in for the gym membership). Second, is training for an event. You can do something as quick as a 5K run. I am training for a Sprint Triathlon (.78K swim, 22K bike, 5K run) in June. There are lots of fun events you can do as a family too.

  5. when my girls were little it was tough. I'd usually get up before everyone and while hubby was still home and go workout with a friend, either walking or curves. then i started going to the gym. I recommend finding some great workout videos that aren't overly long (maybe 20-30 minutes), which is workable with little kids. I picked up a great stability ball kit from Costco that I love.

  6. My husband and I do the Tai-bo 8 minute workout. It's really intense but super short and thus, easier to do daily.

  7. I do my workout videos at home when the kids are napping! This not only makes me feel better, but I don't have to worry about them sneaking in and watching which they do sometimes and yes they did laugh at first but now they just join in usually or go back to bed with a book. I have three ages 7 5 and 2 we homeschool as well and I have found the only time I can work it in is during their nap time. I do the Walking fit tapes and love them so far.

  8. I am right there with you...I just got a walking video from Target and I love it. I don't like excersise so I knew I would need something 'mild' if I was going to stick to it. It came with 5 different walks and all of them take @ 30 min. From a one mile to a 3 mile. And you use light weights for you arms. It is really fun.

  9. Take the kids with you! I have a jogging stroller and I just put the kid in and off we go, out the door. We can't afford gym memberships, so we use the great outdoors. (We do live in TX, so we don't have to contend with much snow.) But seriously, you're being a good role model of exercise for your kids if they see it as important for you. We usually go to the park afterward, so there is a little treat involved.