26 March 2009


I've been on a Friendship Bread kick lately. I love that yeasty smell and my kids like mushing the bags every day. I also like that the recipe is so basic and so versatile. You can make bread, muffins or mini-muffins, or all three if you have enough starters! We've made the traditional cinnamon (YUM!) and also the chocolate version (highly recommended!). But my favorite part is sharing with friends, old and new. Every 10 days I get an opportunity to bless someone else with something from my own kitchen. And that makes me smile.

I definitely like to show my love by cooking and doing. I am an Acts of Service kind of gal. I like to keep my hands busy. But I also like to just sit and visit. Friendship Bread lets me do both. So, I have plenty of starters if you live nearby.

I'll be baking again this weekend and I'll post some pictures of the whole process.

Happy Baking!

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