28 March 2009

Sleeping In

Through some sort of grace and love, my sweet husband lets me sleep in every Saturday morning. I know, you're thinking how awesome that is. And I do, too. Except that by the time I get my lazy bones out of bed the rest of the world in our little abode has been up for hours. Yes, hours. You see, they are early risers or at least earlier than me.

I feel so behind all day that I'm just not sure it's worth it anymore. Maybe I should just start taking a nap instead. I really like my sleep. In fact, as a child my body was so in tune with my need for sleep that no matter where I was or what I was doing, at 9pm I would find myself a little place and go right to sleep.

I think with another rainy day today a nap is most definitely in order. Bliss.

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